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NOPD Partners with the Louisiana National Guard for Joint Recruitment Campaign

by Danielle B. Miller

September 29, 2021

Categories: Announcement, Community

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NOPD Partners with the Louisiana National Guard for Joint Recruitment Campaign

 The New Orleans Police Department has partnered with the Louisiana National Guard (LANG) to attract dedicated individuals who are interested in serving as commissioned police officers.

The overall goal is to increase enrollment in both organizations. Increasing manpower for the NOPD will help improve police response times, increase officer visibility, and deter violent crime, as well as aid retention efforts in the LA National Guard.

“We are hoping that citizens who serve in both organizations discover a rewarding career within the NOPD and maintain enrollment in the LA National Guard, while maintaining citizenship in Louisiana, more specifically the New Orleans region,” Captain of the Management Services Bureau, Ceasar Ruffin, said.

NOPD’s Recruitment Office is consistent with its goals to partner with the community in filling its ranks. The two professions consistently intertwine and with awareness that many NOPD officers are either current or former members of the LA National Guard, “It made sense,” Ruffin said.

Of the 1,112 commissioned officers at NOPD, there is at least one officer in each district who also serves with the LA National Guard.

Individuals who serve in a joint capacity with both organizations have a unique opportunity to serve their community and their country. During their off time, officers may be called on to assist with natural disasters, COVID-19 response and much more.

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least 20 years old
  • A high school graduate or possess a state approved G.E.D.
  • Driver’s license and good driving record
  • In good physical and psychological condition to perform the essential functions as a police officer.



See a list of master disqualifications here.



  • Police Recruit - $40,392
  • Police Officer – $55,566
  • Senior Officer - $61,588
  • Sergeant - $73, 262
  • Lieutenant - $80,029


  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Free life insurance
  • Paid vacation, sick leave and holidays
  • Free and or reduced college tuition programs
  • Retirement plan – 25 years of service – Fully vested 83%; 30 years of service – 100%
  • Yearly uniform allowance
  • Home purchase programs.

Education Pay

Higher education degree holders receive an annual bonus. There are also opportunities for tuition reimbursement and loan forgiveness for public service.

  • Associate degree - $1,000
  • Bachelor’s degree - $2,000
  • Master’s and doctorate - $3,000

Military veterans

  • Expedited hiring as Police Aide after background pre-screen
  • Assistance with securing GI Bill benefits during paid Academy
  • Assistance with veterans-specialized relocation resources
  • Pension credit for up to four years of military service
  • Connections to local veteran’s groups

Any members of the Louisiana National Guard interested in becoming a police officer should visit Additional questions regarding recruitment or the applicant selection process can be directed to NOPD’s Recruitment and Applicant Investigation section at 504-658-5575 or