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WATCH: NOPD Welcomes Two New Canine Pups

by Ambria R. Washington

November 3, 2017

Categories: Announcement, Community, On Duty

Topics: Police Training

The NOPD recently welcomed two new canines Jo and Carlos to the department.

Jo (pictured to the left) is a 2-year- old German shepherd and Carlos (pictured to the right) is an 18–month-old Belgian Malinois. Both dogs were born in Europe and were eventually transferred to the United States, where they arrived in New Orleans with their handlers on October 13, 2017. Both handlers and canines have already completed a four- week basic handlers course in Lafayette to acclimate themselves with their new partners.

WATCH: NOPD Welcome Two New Canines to the Department

However, the next five to six weeks will be delegated to specific oriented training of the handlers and their assigned canines which will include divisional and policy  procedures. The extensive training will be led by NOPD Canine Trainer Harold Chambliss

The two new canines will be dual-trained in explosives and munitions, where they'll be responsible for finding guns and spent casings on crime scenes. However, they'll also be task with patrol work, so citizens can expect to see them working most special events in the Eighth District and other surrounding areas. 

Most of the NOPD’s canines are trained in multiple ways and form strong bonds with their human handler through training, working and living together. The NOPD Public Affairs Office will continue to follow the canines through training as they develop into NOPD officers. 

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