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WATCH: Meet NOPD's Master Canine Trainer

by Ambria R. Washington

May 10, 2017

Categories: On Duty, On the Beat, Videos

Topics: Police Training

Senior Canine Officer Harold Chambliss joined the New Orleans Police Department in the summer of 1980 and eventually made his way to a Specialized Division, the Canine Unit. As of today, he’s known as the Master Canine Trainer. 

WATCH: Meet NOPD’s Master Canine Trainer

Chambliss has worked with more than a dozen canine partners in protecting and serving the New Orleans Metro area.

The NOPD’s Canine Division plays a vital role in the department’s mission to protect and serve the community. The division, housed alongside the NOPD Mounted Division at City Park, is comprised of eight human officers teamed with eight canines, who train consistently to maintain a high level of experience and dedication.