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Special Badge Available for NOPD Officers to Celebrate Pride Month

by NOPD Public Affairs

May 27, 2020

Categories: Announcement

Topics: Announcement, Community Policing

Special Badge Available for NOPD Officers to Celebrate Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month 2020, the NOPD has once again made available to its officers a special badge bearing the multi-colored Pride symbol.

Commissioned NOPD officers have the option to purchase the badge and wear with their uniforms during the month of June, which is recognized as Pride Month. Officers are also allowed to wear the badge during the city’s annual Decadence Festival in September.

“These special badges represent the NOPD’s commitment to diversity and to working with everyone in our community – including our LGBTQ+ members and allies – to make New Orleans the greatest city in the world,” NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said. “New Orleans is a city rich in diversity – be it in our people, our food, our music or our culture. We love, respect and celebrate that diversity, which is also reflected within our own ranks. These special badges reflect that love, respect and celebration.”

Introduced in 2019, the NOPD is one of the only major police departments in America to allow its officers to wear these special badges during Pride Month.

“The NOPD supports a non-discriminatory, respectful and accepting society where people of all backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs can live, work and play together,” Ferguson said. “Utilizing these badges to help convey that support is another example of how the NOPD is leading the way in modern-day policing in America.”