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WATCH: NOPD Officer Takes Extra Medical Precautions to Save Lives on the Job

by Ambria R. Washington

March 5, 2018

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Topics: Good Police Work, Police Training, Seventh District

Every day, NOPD officers risk their own lives to save others. Seventh District Officer Stephen Nguyen uses his skills to go above and beyond to assist and take action in any medical emergency situation.  

Nyugen, a New Orleans native, joined the NOPD nine years ago after working as a member of the National Guard. During his time in the military, he developed combat lifesaving skills.

“Of course, it was down, dirty and basic but still it’s effective and any civilian can learn it,”  Nyugen said.

WATCH: NOPD Officer Takes Extra Medical Precautions to Save Lives on the Job

Since joining the NOPD, Nguyen continues to utilize those skills as a patrol officer. Every day, he carries a first-aid kit on his police belt, which includes a tourniquet, quick cloths, pressure bandages and other medical items he can quickly deploy in any emergency situation. As a Field Training Officer (FTO), he also purchases basic first-aid kits for each of his recruits he trains on the job. 

Most importantly, he keeps two combat lifesaving bags in the back of his unit at all times including one for his fellow officers on duty.

Last summer, Nyugen responded to a shooting incident involving three victims on the interstate. He and other officers eventually located the vehicle and, while assessing the situation, Nyugen discovered a 7-year-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound.

“I saw the kid suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg so, of course, immediately training kicked in,” said Nyugen. “This was my first time I had to deploy a tourniquet on an actual victim two in this incident.”

However, Nyugen has responded to a number of other incidents where he has been able to deploy his first-aid kit and provide basic medical assistance to victims before EMS arrives to the scene.

“I’ve had people who fell, split their head and I’ve bandaged them up,” said Nguyen. “We do what we can.”

While Nguyen is able to give assistance as a trained officer in first-aid, he encourages everyone to take basic first-aid training. 

"Anyone can do this. We can all be lifesavers," he said.