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WATCH: New Orleans Sees Decline in Homicides for 2017, Major Results of Major Investments in Public Safety

by PIO Staff

January 4, 2018

Categories: Announcement, Transparency, Videos

Topics: Districts, Good Police Work, Modernizing Policing, Partnerships

Superintendent Michael Harrison, along with leaders from the NOFD and NOEMS, joined Mayor Mitch Landrieu today to update the public on the results of major investments in public safety, and on the success of a strong crime-fighting year for the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department.

•             Homicides for 2017 were down 10% over the previous year.

•             Armed robberies were down 19% in 2017, marking the second year in a row to show a dramatic decrease

“The mayor and the city of New Orleans have made every effort to put the tools in our hands that we need to keep people safe,” Harrison said.

WATCH: New Orleans Sees Decline in Homicides for 2017, Major Results of Major Investment in Public Safety

Some of those assets include:

•             A new fleet of 285 cars being rolled out to every patrol officer in Orleans Parish to increase visibility and help further deter crime

•             Each patrol officer will be armed with brand new patrol rifles, equipping them to respond in the event of an active shooter emergency

•             K-9 units have expanded and will be deployed on Bourbon Street and in other key areas to detect explosives and harden our protections against possible attack

“2017 saw the city of New Orleans invest in our department in a big way, and the men and women of our department delivered big results,” Harrison said. “The investments we’ve made, the pay raise that the Mayor and I fought for and the upgraded tools and equipment, are paying off.”