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Compliance Chief Gives Two-Day Training on Consent Decree Reform to Baltimore Police Department

by Ambria R. Washington

January 30, 2018

Categories: Announcement, On the Beat

Topics: Modernizing Policing, Training

Compliance Chief Gives Two-Day Training on Consent Decree Reform to Baltimore Police Department

NOPD Deputy Chief Danny Murphy led a two-day training session on police reforms for more than 20 members of the Baltimore Police Department as their department starts to implement new policies and reforms under a federal consent decree.

On April 7, 2017, the City of Baltimore and the Department of Justice (DOJ) entered into a Consent Decree in an effort to reform the city’s police department.  In August of 2016, Baltimore police department took a trip to New Orleans and met with leaders from the NOPD to learn about the progress made under the federal consent decree.

“They were impressed with the systems we’ve set up and the success we’ve made while under a consent decree,” said Murphy, who heads the NOPD’s Compliance Bureau.

 WATCH: Baltimore PD looks to NOPD as Leaders in Police Reform

Chief Murphy was invited to assist with training the Baltimore Police Department’s newly hired compliance managers and departmental policy experts on how to approach reforms and how to make the most of the resources provided in order to be successful under the consent decree.  The two-day training included sharing the successes the NOPD has made to its use of force policy, changes within the Sex Crimes division and developing its EPIC program as well as building community trust.

“The first day, I gave an overview of where we started, where we are now, how we’ve succeeded and things we would have done differently,” Murphy said.  “It was all about sharing what we’ve learned to help them succeed in the way that we have.”

The NOPD continues to lead as a national and international example of a successful police reform. The NOPD Compliance Bureau has been in contact with top leaders of the Chicago Police Department and Virgin Islands Police Department, which are both undergoing police reforms.  

Vera Institute of Justice, which works with local, state and national government and civil leaders to improve justice systems, issued a new quarterly publication this week titled Emerging Issues in American Policing.  The publication highlights NOPD’s achievements within our data-driven management framework known as MAX and NOPD’s peer intervention training known as Ethical Policing is Courageous (EPIC).

In February, members of the NOPD will be presenting for the second time at the Second Annual Federal Consent Decree Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. The NOPD Compliance Bureau, Management Services Bureau and Public Integrity Bureau will be leading discussions on implementation of data-driven management and police reforms at the conference.


About the NOPD Consent Decree

In 2010, Mayor Mitch Landrieu invited the DOJ into New Orleans to partner in reforming and strengthening the New Orleans Police Department. Five years later, the department is well on its way to complying with a federal consent decree that is serving as a blueprint for building a world-class police department that protects and serves the New Orleans community.