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NOPD Launches Fourth Recruit Class of 2023

by Kaitlin M Landry

November 27, 2023

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NOPD Launches Fourth Recruit Class of 2023

Monday (November 27, 2023), the New Orleans Police Department launched its fourth recruit class of the year with 23 recruits.

NOPD Recruit Class #200 includes men and women from Louisiana, as well as Alabama, Illinois, New York, and Texas, who have chosen to be part of the NOPD mission to protect and serve the residents of New Orleans and visitors to the city.

“The NOPD is proud to welcome the talented and skilled men and women of Recruit Class #200,” said NOPD Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick. “This new class of 23 recruits is the result of the continuous great work of our Recruitment Division. I appreciate their willingness to serve this community and choosing to join the best of the best. I look forward to working alongside them as we work to reduce crime, enhance quality of life, and ensure a peaceful, safe environment for all members of our community.”

Public safety is the top priority of the New Orleans Police Department, and it is essential that we are focused on recruiting, hiring, and retaining qualified individuals who are committed to the mission of serving and protecting the citizens of New Orleans.

This year, the NOPD has hired 90 recruits, a substantial and measurable improvement compared to 2022, with 28 hired recruits. Also, 14 former NOPD officers have been reinstated this year, and the department welcomed three laterals from within Louisiana.

“Today, 23 new recruits officially began their journey to joining the New Orleans Police Department," said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “These brave men and women represent the dedication and commitment set forth to champion public safety across this city. Public service is not a demand -- it is a passion, and I thank them for finding passion in keeping our residents and visitors safe. The department has had a keen focus on recruitment and retention efforts, launching a total of four classes this year alone. The NOPD will continue to meet our officers where they are while ensuring they have all the tools necessary to be successful. Congratulations to our new recruits, and I look forward to watching each of them graduate in the coming months."

This year, 44 recruits graduated from the New Orleans Police Department Education and Training Academy. Currently, there are 47 recruits in training and slated for graduation in 2024.