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New Orleans Police Department Yields Impactful Results with New Crime Fighting Initiative

by Kaitlin M Landry

November 6, 2023

Categories: On Duty

Topics: Good Police Work, Partnerships, Second District, Sixth District

New Orleans Police Department Yields Impactful Results with New Crime Fighting Initiative

NOPD Second and Sixth Districts have yielded significant results in recent weeks by implementing a new initiative in proactive policing.

On August 13, 2023, the two districts began the first phase of the 680 and 280 Series. The program is a multi-week overtime detail deployment that combines resources between the districts.

The mission is to attack criminal activity head-on versus in a responsive mode by using patterns provided by the NOPD Analytics Division and each district’s investigative unit to conduct surveillance, proactively patrol problem areas in both districts and execute search warrants based on their observations. It also allows platoon officers to develop their skills collaboratively.

The two districts share a border and see similar demographics and crime patterns.

To date, the 680 and 280 Series have yielded the following results:

  • Made 75 felony arrests.
  • Collaborated with Federal law enforcement partners, including the ATF, FBI, and DEA.
  • Conducted multiple firearms and narcotics investigations, including the execution of search warrants on vehicles and homes.
  • Seized 39 firearms, some of which have been connected to shootings and homicides.
  • Made 23 firearm arrests and six felon in possession of a firearm arrests.
  • Made 22 narcotics arrests.
  • Located perpetrators of armed robberies that occurred in the Second, Sixth, and Eighth Districts.
  • Located numerous stolen vehicles and made corresponding arrests.
  • Assisted in executing high-risk search warrants with district Detective Investigative Units and the Special Operations Division.
  • Traveled outside the two districts to locate perpetrators wanted in these districts.
  • Provided shift change coverage and responded to 121 emergency calls for service—assisting in reducing response times in both districts.

Based on the success of this initiative, the New Orleans Police Department is looking to continue these efforts in the future.


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