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NOPD Arrests Juvenile in Seventh District Simple Burglaries

by Aaron E. Looney

November 30, 2018

Categories: On Duty

Topics: Burglary/Theft, Good Police Work, Seventh District

NOPD Arrests Juvenile in Seventh District Simple Burglaries

The NOPD arrested a juvenile male in connection with simple burglary and attempted simple burglary incidents that occurred in the Seventh District.

NOPD Seventh District officers and detectives investigated several business burglaries at a business located in the 10200 block of Chef Menteur Highway. The suspect’s father turned his son in to NOPD on November 28, 2018. The juvenile admitted to burglarizing the location on three separate occasions.

The subject was booked two counts of simple burglary and one count of attempted simple burglary.

Anyone with additional information in these incidents is asked to contact NOPD Seventh District detectives at 504-658-6070.