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NOPD Offers Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers

by Aaron Looney

November 22, 2016

Categories: Announcement

Topics: Community Policing

NOPD Offers Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the NOPD offers these safety tips for citizens to remember when shopping:

  • DO give yourself plenty of time to get where you want to go. Once at your destination, be aware of your surroundings. Take note of where you park, so that you can
  • return to your vehicle quickly.
  • DO keep all purses and bags close to your body.
  • DO NOT leave your purse, wallet or bags unattended
  • DO NOT carry numerous bags at one time.
  • DO NOT carry large amounts of cash. Use your credit card, debit card or check. Notify police immediately if any of these items are lost or stolen and also contact your bank or credit card company.
  • DO lock your vehicle at all times.
  • DO NOT leave valuable items, such as  purchases, in plain sight in your vehicle.
  • DO NOT text or talk on the phone while walking. Focus on where you’re going and who is around you.
  • DO NOT use shortcuts through alleys or unknown areas. Stay in well-lit and well-traveled areas.
  • DO shop with multiple friends and/or family. Avoid shopping alone or at night, if possible.
  • DO NOT approach your vehicle alone if there are suspicious people in the area. Also, avoid parking next to large vehicles such as vans, trucks, buses or campers, which people can use to hide.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle’s engine running when you are not in or near your vehicle.
  • DO park in a well-lit area, such as under a light pole, if shopping at night. When returning to your vehicle, have your keys out and ready to unlock your doors as quickly as possible.
  • DO make arrangements to meet in a well-lit and well populated area or a secure location, such as a police station, if you decide to make a purchase through face-to-face services such as Craigslist or LetGo.
  • DO ask any nearby police officer or store security for an escort to your vehicle if you do not feel safe.


Always remember that if there is an emergency in any situation, call 911 or find the nearest police officer.