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NOPD Graduates Newest Class of Crisis Intervention Team Trained Officers

by Tyler Gamble

November 17, 2016

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Topics: Modernizing Policing, Police Training

NOPD Graduates Newest Class of Crisis Intervention Team Trained Officers

This morning (Nov. 17), the NOPD graduated the newest class of police officers trained in specialized de-escalation techniques known as Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. CIT is a nationally recognized ‘best practices’ approach in recognizing and managing behavior that may be attributable to a mental health disorder. This is the fifth class to graduate from the training since the program launched in September 2015. More than 20 percent of all patrol officers have received CIT training since then.

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“The NOPD is leading the nation in modernizing policing for the 21st century and reforming the way law enforcement officers police their communities, and CIT training is just one more example,” said NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison. “Police interactions with individuals in crisis can be uniquely dangerous situations for both officers and citizens. CIT training equips our officers with the tools they need to keep themselves safe and to get help to those who need it.”

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CIT officers received 40 hours of specialized training from mental health experts focused on techniques and best practices for minimizing the use of force against individuals in crisis due to mental illness or a behavioral disorder. Training includes lectures from mental health experts as well as on-site visitation and exposure to mental health facilities, intensive interaction with individuals with a mental illness and scenario-based de-escalation skills training. CIT officers are then assigned to each police district to respond to and de-escalate mental health and other crises.

The following officers graduated from CIT training Thursday:

1. Nikia Adams

2. Tomeka Anderson

3. John Bakula

4. Nakeisha Barnes

5. Terry Bean

6. Randall Carstater

7. Corey Clark

8. Amy Gisleson

9. Valentino Grayman

10. Joseph Gueldner

11. Darren Hartman

12. Ron Howard

13. Patrick Kennelly

14. Alexis Martinovich

15. Robert Masters

16. Paul Micken

17. Tianne Morales

18. Tony Morris

19. Thaddeus Murray

20. Gabriel Osborne

21. Girod Peterson

22. Kenyatta Phillips

23. Amy Robinson

24. Keyana Rodney

25. Yolanda Romero

26. Sherman Skipper

27. Nahlisha Smith

28. James Vanderhorst

29. Amanda Williams

30. Kimberly Wilson