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NOPD Graduates 30+ Officers from Leadership Development Training Today

by Ambria R. Washington

June 15, 2018

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Topics: Districts, Good Police Work, Police Training

NOPD Graduates 30+ Officers from Leadership Development Training Today

Delivering on a commitment to provide leadership training and career development to all officers, the NOPD graduated more than 30 officers today fromLeadership in Police Organizations (LPO) training this morning at the NOPD Training Academy.

The intensive, three-week program was developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and centers on the systematic development of leaders at all levels of an organization — the concept of “every officer a leader.”  

Under the direction of NOPD Education and Training Commander Christopher Goodly, officers underwent three weeks of training. This is the eleventh LPO class completed since the NOPD started providing the training in 2012. To date, NOPD has trained more than 300 officers in the LPO program.

The following officers graduated from the LPO program:

1.    Nikia Adams (3rd)

2.    Justin Almeida – Sgt. (2nd)

3.    Calvin Banks – Sgt.(3rd)

4.    Nijel Baddo (ISB)

5.    Daniel Bagneris (SOD)

6.    Robert Barrere – Sgt. (ISB)

7.    Bianca Boone Deirish (ISB)

8.    Rodney Brown (ISB)

9.    Claudia Bruce (ISB)

10.  Shunika Buckles (1st)

11.  Ranada Blackman (6th)

12.  Jason Collins (8th)

13.  Gina Cousin (4th)

14.  Evan Cox (SOD)

15.  Daneika Cummings (8th)

16.  Randolph Daniel (6th)

17.  Chantelle Davis (8th)

18.  Michael Duzmal (4th)

19.  Keisha Ferdinand –Sgt. (6th)

20.  Clinton Givens – Sgt. (8th)

21.  Je’Mar Goines – Sgt.(7th)

22.  Sa’Brina James (2nd)

23.  Jeff Johnson – Sgt. (MSB)

24.  LaDarius Johnson (5th)

25.  LaShawn Johnson (3rd)

26.  Lawrence Jones – Sgt. (ISB)

27.  James Kjellin (3rd)

28.  Stephen Kriebel (8th)

29.  Shacretta Mitchell-Pearson (5th)

30.  Thaddeus Murray – Sgt. (4th)

31.  Gabriel Osborne (7th)

32.  James Porter (SOD)

33.  Edwin Patrick (2nd)

34.  Rudolph Thomas –Sgt. (7th)

35.  Randy Walton – Sgt. (5th)

36.  Damian Webster (7th)