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NOPD Seeking Suspects in Robbery on Hawthorne Place

by Aaron E. Looney

June 6, 2017

Categories: Be on the Lookout

Topics: Simple Robbery, Third District

NOPD Seeking Suspects in Robbery on Hawthorne Place

NEW ORLEANS - The NOPD is seeking to locate and identify two individuals believed to be responsible for a robbery that occurred in the 5400 block of Hawthorne Place in the early hours of June 4, 2017.

The victim in this incident told police that while in the Eighth District in the 700 block of Iberville Street at about 3 a.m., he requested through the Uber cell phone application for an Uber driver to pick him up. According to the victim, a white GMC Acadia SUV arrived at the location, and an unidentified black female emerged from the vehicle asking the victim if he was waiting for an Uber driver. A second unidentified black female then exited the passenger side of the vehicle and opened the rear passenger side door, at which time the victim entered the vehicle. After stopping at a convenience store at the intersection of Common and Carondelet streets at the request of the victim to buy food, the driver drove the victim to his residence in the 5400 block of Hawthorne Place. As the victim exited the vehicle and walked toward his residence, the driver allegedly approached the victim in a fast and aggressive manner and removed the victim’s watch with both hands before running back to her vehicle. The victim attempted to reenter the vehicle in pursuit, but the driver accelerated and dragged the victim for a short distance before fleeing the scene.

Images of the suspected driver and vehicle in this incident taken from surveillance footage are included with this release.

NOPD does not believe that the suspects in this incident are registered drivers for Uber. The victim told police that the vehicle, driver and second unknown female in this incident did not match the description of the dispatched Uber driver and vehicle provided by the application.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Third District detectives at 504-658-6030. Citizens with information that can help solve crimes are asked to call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 or toll-free at 1-877-903-STOP.


Safety Tips for Using Uber

To ensure your ride home is as safe as your night out, the NOPD and Uber offers this list of tips to ride safe:

  1. Request Your Ride Inside: Wait safely indoors while keeping an eye on your app for your driver to arrive.
  2. Know Your Uber, Avoid Scams: When you request an Uber, you’re given the driver’s name, photo and license plate number in your app. Before you get in the car, check the license plate number and look in the window to make sure the driver matches the photo. When you open the door, ask for the driver’s name. Always remember Uber rides can only be requested through the app, so never accept street hail solicitations from those claiming to be Uber.
  3. Be a Backseat Rider: If you’re riding alone, choose to sit in the backseat. This ensures you have the option of exiting either side of the vehicle after it safely stops to avoid moving traffic.
  4. Share Your Trip Details: While en route, you can monitor your own trip in your app and share your trip details with friends and family. Simply tap the “Send Status” button to immediately send your driver’s name, photo, vehicle, and where you are on the map to a friend or family member, so they know when you’ve safely arrived. They don’t even need to download the app to track your trip.
  5. Protect your Personal Information: As you would anywhere, be cautious when sharing personal information. There is no need to share your phone number or personal contact details. Riders and drivers’ phone numbers are hidden when they communicate via the Uber app to protect everyone’s privacy.
  6. Give Feedback: Your feedback helps Uber improve the experience for everyone, maintain a high quality service and provide accountability.
  7. Plan Ahead: Take time to review the safety features available to you in the app before you head out with friends, so you know how to use them.
  8. Be Kind and Respectful: Please treat your driver as you would want to be treated. Be respectful of his or her personal vehicle. Our community guidelines apply to both riders and drivers.
  9. Follow Your Intuition: Trust your instincts and use your best judgement when using the Uber app. Be aware of your surroundings. And if you ever feel you’re in an emergency situation, always call 911 immediately.
  10. Don't Forget - Buckle up: You may not be in the driver's seat, but that's no excuse to forget the Golden Rule of car ridership.