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The NOPD's Officer Friendly Program Returns

by Kaitlin M Landry

January 16, 2024

Categories: Announcement

Superintendent Anne E. Kirkpatrick is thrilled to announce the relaunch of the Officer Friendly Program, inviting schools to participate in this impactful initiative aimed at fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the community.

The Officer Friendly program has consistently been one of the most requested and cherished community programs. Many residents fondly recall their first interactions with law enforcement during elementary school, where Officer Friendly and McGruff made memorable visits.

Research has demonstrated the impact of positive interactions, coupled with value-based resource information, on students' decision-making processes. The revitalization of the Officer Friendly Program is a strategic move to further enhance law enforcement's ability to build strong, positive relationships with youth during their most formative years.

The program's curriculum will focus on teaching fundamental crime prevention strategies and self-protection techniques tailored for young minds. By engaging with students at an early age, law enforcement officers can establish a foundation for a positive and enduring relationship with lasting effects.

Schools are encouraged to participate in this program to not only enhance the safety of their students but also to contribute to building a community where trust and understanding between law enforcement and residents are paramount.

For more information on how to participate, please visit