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Major Offense Log

The Superintendent’s Major Offense Log is an internal NOPD administrative document used to inform recipients of major offenses or events occurring over a 24 hour period (7am to 7am). Source information used to compile this summary is derived from raw information processed by civilian communications specialists assigned to the NOPD Command Desk in the 9-1-1 Call Center. The City of New Orleans and the New Orleans Police Department makes no representation that the information is accurate, complete, confirmed, investigated, timely, consistent, or correctly sequenced. Users must not consider the information reliable and must not use it to support decisions, conclusions, identifications, comparisons, or sequences of events. The City of New Orleans is not responsible for any error or omission in the information, or for the use of the information by third parties, or for the results of any use of the information. The City does not authorize use of the information for commercial purposes.


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