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NOPD Presents Best Practices at the International Association of Chiefs of Police

by Gary S. Scheets

October 25, 2017

Categories: Transparency

Topics: Modernizing Policing

NOPD Presents Best Practices at the International Association of Chiefs of Police

This past weekend, NOPD was out in force in Philadelphia showing off their best practices at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

IACP provides an opportunity for leaders in policing to share new strategies techniques with peers from across the country and around the world.

NOPD leaders were invited to make three presentations on the innovative work the department has been doing in the areas of police reform, data-driven practices, and peer intervention.

Management Analytics for eXcellence or MAX is a holistic, data-driven approach to police management. MAX replaces the department’s COMSTAT meetings which were primarily focused on information sharing regarding crime trends.

MAX takes that approach even further by focusing not only on crime, but all other topics for which a Commander has responsibility. The MAX meetings enable NOPD to dive deep into the systemic issues of crime, management, community policing, and risk management to develop solutions aimed at the root of the issue.

To that end, the MAX meeting includes those who have responsibility at the unit level in creating or sustaining those solutions.

MAX facilitates the Superintendent Harrison’s vision of creating a more informed Department from the superintendent down to each and every officer.

Several leaders from the NOPD attended IACP including Deputy Superintendent Paul Noel, Deputy Superintendent Danny Murphy, and Director of Analytics Ben Horwitz.

National Institute of Justice LEADS Scholar Sgt. Nicole Powell was in attendance participating in their annual meeting alongside IACP.

Deputy Superintendent John Thomas attended to learn the latest in recruitment innovations and identify technology NOPD can utilize to continue to be a leader in police innovation.