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WATCH: NOPD Officer Feeds Homemade Thanksgiving Feast to Senior Citizens

by Ambria R. Washington

November 22, 2017

Categories: Community, On the Beat

Topics: Fourth District, Good Police Work, Partnerships

NOPD Officer Shantell Howard spent the day feeding a home cooked Thanksgiving meals to more than 170 senior citizens in the Fourth District.

Howard has been cooking Thanksgiving meals for the homeless for the past five years but decided to reach out to the senior citizens community who often times are unable to spend time with family or no longer have family members.

WATCH: NOPD Officer Feeds Homemade Thanksgiving Feast to Senior Citizens

Howard cooked a feast for individuals living at Boyd Manor living facility located at 6440 General Meyer Avenue and the Carrington Place located at 5301 Tullis Drive.  

Last year, Howard and fellow officers fed 50 homeless individuals living in temporary housing facilities at the Rosa F. Keller building at 2222 Tulane Avenue and the Williams building located on 2101 Louisiana Avenue.

Other officers from the Third and Fourth District volunteered their time and resources to assist and serve meals for seniors citizens this Thanksgiving Holiday. NOPD also partnered with The First 72+ which is an organization that helps formerly incarcerated individuals transition back into society as productive citizens.  Members of the organization assisted with serving food and working with NOPD officers during the event.