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WATCH: Fourth District Officer Takes L.B. Landry High Students to Prom

by Ambria R. Washington

May 22, 2017

Categories: Community, On the Beat, Videos

Topics: Community Policing, Good Police Work, Partnerships

Fourth District officer Shantell Howard never thought she would be going back to prom until she was asked by one student at L.B. Landry High School.

For the last three years, Howard has been working a detail at L.B. Landry High as a school campus officer and has developed a relationship with the students who suffer from physical and mental disabilities. About a month ago, senior Anthony Nelson got the courage to ask Howard if she would go to prom with him and she did on April 28, 2017 along with another student, Cedricka Eaglin, who wasn't planning to attend prom due to financial reasons.

With assistance from Fourth District officers Stephanie Caldwell, Marcell Foxworth and other community members, Howard was able to make two students prom dreams come true.

Click here to watch the video about the Thanksgiving dinner Officer Howard cooked for residents of the Rosa F. Keller building on Tulane Avenue.