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Superintendent's Statement Regarding Federal Consent Decree Public Meetings

by Karen A Boudrie

March 28, 2023

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Superintendent's Statement Regarding Federal Consent Decree Public Meetings

Superintendent Michelle Woodfork issued the following statement regarding the Federal Consent Decree Public Meetings:

“I have become aware of comments on the Mayor’s statement, in reference to the Federal Consent Decree, somehow sought to silence or hide NOPD from the public. That view is uninformed and utterly incorrect. I, and my team of dedicated public servants, are always willing to share NOPD’s success and address deficiencies head on.

The decision not to participate was made by me and supported by Mayor Cantrell. “For the last ten years, the New Orleans Police Department has worked towards gaining compliance with the important reforms set out in the Federal Consent Decree.

The department remains committed to continuing to demonstrate compliance with the consent decree and will continue to focus its efforts on achieving that goal. After learning that some of the items on the agenda for the public meeting scheduled for Wednesday were not within the parameters of the consent decree, I offered to have NOPD participate and report on the progress being made in meeting the goals set forth in the consent decree and future efforts.

Unfortunately, that offer was declined. As such, I made the decision that this meeting was not an appropriate use of police resources as its focus was not on the consent decree compliance and the path forward.”

“The NOPD remains committed to working towards compliance with the consent decree and will continue to work in achieving the goal of self-monitoring. We appreciate any opportunity to report on the status and progress in achieving this goal and do so in public forums and regular meetings with the court-appointed monitors.

Additionally, the NOPD will continue to publish public reports on our audits and work towards compliance so the public will be able to judge for themselves where we are in our path to compliance. As mandated by the consent decree the department will continue to give public updates on compliance. Specifically, I will have a press conference in the coming days to address NOPD’s overall status, including its effort to demonstrate compliance with the consent decree.”

“I would like to thank the Mayor for supporting my decision and all the men and women of this department who are dedicated public servants who continue to strive to meet the needs of the community and the consent decree requirements."