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NOPD to Give Away Gun Locks at District Stations

by Gary S. Scheets

July 15, 2022

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NOPD to Give Away Gun Locks at District Stations

The NOPD and the office of gun violence prevention will begin distributing gun locks free of charge to citizens looking to secure their weapons.

NOPD will have the locks at all district stations beginning Friday, July 15, 2022.

The locks may not work on all weapons, so it is important to consult the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to best secure the weapon.

Recently, the city of New Orleans has seen several tragic examples of dangers posed by improperly secured and stored weapons.

Gun locks, whether included with the legal purchase of a firearm, or distributed to the public by government entities or community groups, offer an added measure of security in homes with small children.

NOPD continues to urge citizens not to store weapons in their vehicles even if secured. The chance that weapon could be stolen during a vehicle burglary. A weapon has been stolen in nearly 20 percent of the vehicle burglaries that have occurred in Orleans Parish in 2022.

Gun locks will be available at the following locations:

  • First District – 501 North Rampart Street - 504-658-6010
  • Second District – 3401 Broadway Street - 504-658-6020
  • Third District – 4650 Paris Avenue - 504-658-6030
  • Fourth District – 2405 Sanctuary Drive - 504-658-6040
  • Fifth District – 3900 North Claiborne Avenue - 504-658-6050
  • Sixth District – 1930 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. - 504-658-6060
  • Seventh District—10101 Dwyer Road - 504-658-6070
  • Eighth District – 334 Royal Street - 504-658-6080