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Five officers who earned their nicknames on the job and can't shake them

by Tyler A. Gamble

July 26, 2016

Categories: On the Beat

Five officers who earned their nicknames on the job and can't shake them

For better or for worse, nothing quite shows that you’ve bonded with your coworkers more than when you’re given a nickname on the job. Whether it’s based on an unusual habit or a hilarious situation, once you earn it, it’s hard to shake.

Here at the NOPD, officers don’t just get a nickname, they own it.

We polled the ranks and put together a list of the top five nicknames that officers earned on the job. Enjoy.


“Kenney G”

Real Name: Officer Kenney Guidry

How he earned it: “This one started at the Training Academy almost 30 years ago. I won the most athletic award. I was the fastest. I did the most push-ups. I was ‘the man’ at the Academy. That’s when it all started and it just caught on. If somebody asks ‘Do you know Officer Guidry?’ they might not know who that is. But if they say, ‘Do you know Kenney G?” Then everybody knows who that is.”



Real Name: Officer Calvin Prevost

How he earned it: “I got the name ‘Book-em’ when I was working on the 1st District Task Force back in the early 2000s. I had a reputation for booking every violator that I came in contact with. I had a zero tolerance with criminal violators. Every time I made contact with a criminal violator, the entire task force would yell ‘book-em, dano’. The first part of the name stuck with me and it even spilled over to Central Lock-up. When I used to walk in with a subject, all the deputies would yell, ‘Here comes book-em!’”

“Milk Dud”

Real Name: Officer Marcus McNeil

How he earned it: “I was in field training when I arrested a subject who was attempting to get a rise out of me by calling me “Milk Dud” because of my shiny bald head that he believed resembled the candy milk duds. Everyone in the district found it hilarious, saying it was true and then began calling me ‘Milk Dud.’ I've since embraced the name often referring to myself as ‘The Dud’ when bragging about a good arrest.


Real Name: Officer Randolph Daniel

How he earned it: “My first assignment as a new officer was to night watch in the Sixth District. Right before the end of my shift, around 6 a.m., Wendy's would open and I would always buy the biscuits & gravy combo. My coworkers would see me and always ask me what I got for breakfast. I always replied 'biscuits & gravy, and no I'm not sharing'. So they nicknamed me ‘Biscuits’. From that point on, every officer in the Sixth, many residents in the neighborhood and my friends would call me ‘Biscuits’. Not many know me by my real name. And yes, I absolutely love biscuits, especially Pillsbury biscuits!


Real Name: Detective Sergeant Anthony Edenfield

How he earned it: I was in Recruit Class #142 and the joke among my fellow recruits was that I was always snacking. One day, my supervisor asked me if I had a nickname and before I could open my mouth a few fellow recruits jumped in and said I already had a nickname. When he asked what it was, they replied, ‘It’s Snacks sir!’ The supervisor laughed out loud and told me that name would stick with me forever. It went so far that former Chiefs Eddie Compass and Ronal Serpas would know  me as “Snacks”. I changed the spelling to “Snax” so it looked  cool. There have been others since, but whenever someone on this job says “Snax” I assure you they are speaking of me. I have since lost about 110lbs, but I will always be “Snax”.