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Watch The Top Five Most-Viewed NOPDNews Videos From 2016

by Aaron Looney

January 3, 2017

Categories: On the Beat, Videos

Watch The Top Five Most-Viewed NOPDNews Videos From 2016

Video played a major role in the NOPD’s communication strategy in 2016. Throughout the year, the department produced dozens of videos highlighting the stories behind the badge, including profiles on current and retired officers, new recruits and new initiatives.

To make them easily accessible, the videos are housed on the NOPDNews YouTube page, which can be viewed at

In these efforts, the NOPDNews YouTube page saw 174,509 views in 2016. Viewers spent 240,689 minutes watching videos on the page, sharing videos more than 860 times.

Here are the five most viewed videos NOPD produced in 2016: 


NOPD Chief Michael Harrison on Police Interaction - July 13, 2016

Chief Michael Harrison created this video to explain how NOPD officers are trained to interact with citizens during traffic and pedestrian stops, as well as what citizens and NOPD officers can expect from each other in such instances.


Couple Moves to New Orleans, Graduates in NOPD Recruit Class #175 – July 15, 2016

Michael Haynes and his wife, Anny SanClemente-Haynes, were among 26 new officers in the NOPD’s Class #175 to graduate on July 15. The couple spoke to us about what drew them to New Orleans from Boise, Idaho and how they felt about joining the NOPD.


New recruit plans to build on NOPD’s relationship with Vietnamese community - July 21, 2016

Kevin Nguyen is one of the newest NOPD recruits. In this video, he discussed how he hopes his decision to serve will improve relationships between the NOPD and the Vietnamese community in New Orleans.


NOPD graduates 19 from basic SWAT training - June 3, 2016

This video covers the graduation of 13 NOPD Officers, three Kenner Police Officers, two U.S. Marshals and one EMS Tactical Medic from the NOPD Special Operation Division’s basic SWAT school training.


NOPD officer feeds homeless individuals homemade Thanksgiving meals  - November 23, 2016

NOPD Officer Shantell Howard joined four other officers in spending the day feeding Thanksgiving meals to more than 50 homeless individuals at two temporary housing facilities.