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Fourth District Officer Recognized for Giving Back to the Community

by Dawne Massey

February 13, 2017

Categories: Community

Topics: Partnerships

Fourth District Officer Recognized for Giving Back to the Community

Officer Shantell Howard was treated to a colorful, sugary surprise at work today.


Shortly after 11 a.m., a pair of colorful ambassadors from Haydel’s Bakery showed up in the lobby of the Fourth District station bearing gifts. They were there to surprise and honor Officer Howard for her efforts to make New Orleans a better place to live. In addition to a collection of Mardi Gras beads and other trinkets, the duo brought five king cakes and a festive party atmosphere – and Officer Howard wasted no time in breaking open the first king cake box. 


Haydel’s asked the public to send in their nominations of New Orleanians “who go out of their way to be there for others.” The bakery was looking to recognize members of the community who embody “the spirit of Carnival and why communities come together this time of year.”


NOPD Officer Nahlisha Smith nominated Howard for all of the good works she does on her own time, above and beyond the call of her NOPD duty. In Smith’s nomination of Howard she wrote: ”For the past two years, she’s been using her own money to buy and cook food for the homeless and people in transitional housing. This year she cooked a huge Thanksgiving dinner for about 60 people, and shortly after Christmas she took her cooking talent to Baton Rouge where she fed about 30 women and children at a shelter, plus 40 senior citizens. She’s always going out of her way to do good deeds for others outside of serving the citizens of New Orleans.”


Click here to watch the video about the Thanksgiving dinner Officer Howard cooked for residents of the Rosa F. Keller building on Tulane Avenue.