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Students Make Lunches for NOPD Officers on Mardi Gras Parade Routes

by Dawne Massey and Aaron Looney

February 24, 2017

Categories: Community

Topics: Partnerships, Sixth District

NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison stopped by Trinity Episcopal School today and surprised the seventh graders who were making sack lunches for NOPD officers to enjoy while working on the parade route.

Each year the school pulls together boxes of chips, cookies, fruit and candy to put into the sack lunches. In addition to the snacks, each lunch includes a sandwich and a beverage, as well as hand-decorated bags with messages from the students to the officers.

WATCH: Chief Harrison says the food and the support from the students makes his officers feel appreciated on the parade routes.

The New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation (NOPJF) operates the food truck during Mardi Gras, and its contents are provided by individual donations to the Adopt-A-Cop program. Adopt-A-Cop raises funds to provide meals, snacks and beverages for law enforcement personnel during the 12 days of extended shifts that accompany Carnival season.