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Update on Investigation into NOPD Secondary Employment Details

by NOPD Public Affairs

December 22, 2021

Categories: Announcement, Transparency

Topics: Announcement, Transparency

Update on Investigation into NOPD Secondary Employment Details

The New Orleans Police Department’s Public Integrity Bureau continues to investigate allegations of misconduct regarding police secondary employment.

Early in the investigation, an initial review identified a gap between the NOPD payroll system and the Office of Police Secondary Employment’s (OPSE) scheduling system.

After identifying that gap, NOPD is now able to cross-reference information between the ADP Payroll system and separate system used OPSE. Although the NOPD is independent from the OPSE, our agencies are working closely to pinpoint any gaps or human errors.

This will allow the NOPD and OPSE to share information that will eliminate schedule overlapping and will ensure that officers cannot be scheduled for regular duty shifts and OPSE detail shifts at the same time. 

Thus far through the course of this investigation that the flagged incidents comprised approximately 2% of the paid details worked by commissioned police officers.

The NOPD and the Office of the Independent Police Monitor takes this 2% seriously and will hold officers accountable for any violations of the secondary employment policy. Each violation is undergoing a systemic review that includes investigating whether any violations were made by their immediate supervisors for failure to provide close and effective supervision.

Throughout the course of the investigation, twenty-nine (29) officers were alleged to be in violation of the rules and regulations as it relates to police secondary employment. We are reviewing all cases for potential criminal and administrative violations. Those investigations will be conducted by a team of investigators including the New Orleans Police Department, the Office of Independent Police Monitor, and the Office of Inspector General.

“We take the allegations brought to our attention very seriously,” said NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson. “We are conducting a thorough and in-depth investigation and we will hold ourselves accountable to the high standards we set for ourselves and our community holds us to.”