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Leaving her Mark: NOPD Officer Designs Expansive Mural at NOPD Training Academy

by Ambria R. Washington

December 13, 2017

Categories: Community, On the Beat, Videos

Topics: Eighth District, Good Police Work, Training

Today, the NOPD unveiled a new mural created and designed by Eighth District Officer Shontrell Johnson for the new Training Academy.

Johnson, a New Orleans native, has always wanted to be a New Orleans Police officer and joined the department in October 2016 with a degree in art. And, when she's not doing art, Johnson works in the Eighth District where she patrols Bourbon Street. 

WATCH: NOPD Officer Designs Expansive Mural at NOPD Training Academy

“I was always about the community and doing stuff for people, so I just love doing it,” said Johnson. “I love art too.”

Johnson and her twin sister have designed many murals together in the city, and word quickly spread throughout the department about Johnson’s talent. At that time, she was eventually asked to create and design a mural for the new Training Academy.