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NOPD Officer Gallops into His Last Sugar Bowl Assignment

by Dawne Massey

December 29, 2016

Categories: On the Beat

Topics: Mounted Patrol

NOPD Officer Gallops into His Last Sugar Bowl Assignment

From Super Bowls and Final Fours to protests, Mardi Gras, and chasing bad guys, Officer Cody has been there and worked that. Cody was Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s horse for the traditional ride in the Zulu parade and to close down Mardi Gras 2016 on Bourbon Street.  But the 2017 Allstate Sugar Bowl represents Cody’s NOPD swan song as the four-legged officer and his human partner will work one of the city’s most identifiable special events for the 17th and final time.


“He’s got a gentle heart,” said Officer Patrick Schneider, Cody’s partner and rider for his entire NOPD career. “He thinks everybody is going to give him a treat.”


In fact, Cody and his fellow NOPD horse brethren are such treat-seekers that Schneider and other Mounted Patrol Unit officers often carry peppermints for members of the public to give the horses. While Cody’s favorite snacks are usually apples and carrots, he’s never been one to pass up something sweet.


“Peppermints, Altoids, Tic-Tacs – he loves them all,” said Schneider with a laugh.


WATCH VIDEO: NOPD Mounted Officer Describes Experiences with Retiring 17-Year Partner


But the years of service are starting to wear on Cody, who will be 19 years old in January. The Mounted Patrol knows his time has come. Cody is starting to slow down and become somewhat methodical in his movements, and Schneider says it’s becoming obvious that Cody’s feet are bothering him more and more.


“He’s getting a little old, so we just want to make sure he has a good life,” said Schneider. “We found him a good home in Kentucky. He’ll just be a horse – he won’t be ridden – he’ll just graze and run in the pasture and do what horses do. That’s something I want for him.”


After the Sugar Bowl, Cody will be retired from active duty and move to his new home in mid-January. The Kentucky farm is owned by a couple who has horses and lots of land for Cody to graze and explore.


“We just want what’s best for him. This is an officer who has served New Orleans for 17 years,” said Schneider. “It’s time.”


On Monday, January 2, 2017, Schneider and Cody will be working their usual Sugar Bowl beat – Bourbon Street – and keeping a watchful eye on the thousands of Auburn Tigers and Oklahoma Sooners fans celebrating before and after the big game. So if you’re in the French Quarter and you run into Cody, give him a congratulatory pat on the head and thank him for his years of service. Although he would probably prefer a peppermint.