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NOPD Pay Plan Moves Ahead with Unanimous Vote from Civil Service Commission

by Danielle B. Miller

October 10, 2017

Categories: Announcement, Community

Topics: Districts, Recruitment

NOPD Pay Plan Moves Ahead with Unanimous Vote from Civil Service Commission

The New Orleans Police Department today brought before the Civil Service Commission a new pay plan and job classification structure designed to increase the number of officers on the street by addressing long-standing retention issues and incentivizing long-term careers on the force. By unanimous vote, the Civil Service Commission approved the proposal, clearing the way for more competitive salaries across the board and greater opportunities for advancement.

“We are extremely gratified by the Commission’s vote today, and the show of support it represents for the men and women of the department,” said Chief Michael S. Harrison. “Today’s vote was another step forward in the work we are doing to build a 21st century police force, and make the NOPD a place where law enforcement officers can build sustained, thriving careers protecting the people of our city.”

Melanie Talia, CEO of the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, said: “The pay plan is an essential component of the holistic solution to crime in our city. Adequate staffing by professional Officers who have the resources, including compensation, commensurate with their responsibilities is the cornerstone to all our other initiatives.”

Donovan A. Livaccari, spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police Crescent City Lodge, said: “The Fraternal Order of Police, which represents 90% of active NOPD officers, is happy to have supported the new NOPD pay plan passed by the New Orleans Civil Service Commission today. We are looking forward to the City Council doing the same. The NOPD is hiring at very competitive salaries. Apply today.” 

The plan next goes before the New Orleans City Council for approval.