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Superintendent Harrison Announces Formation of Youth Advisory Council

by Aaron E. Looney

April 17, 2017

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Topics: Community Policing

As the lines of communication between the NOPD and the city’s youth are crucial to maintain a positive and prosperous relationship, NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison has formed a special group of high school students who will represent the city’s young people in relating information and ideas to police.

The Superintendent’s Youth Advisory Council is designed to foster dialogue and create a stronger relationship between the city's youth and the NOPD.

“We want to ensure that the voice of our youth is heard,” Harrison said. “These people are not only our future leaders, but they also play a huge role in our society. Having a group of young people whose mission will be to communicate concerns of their generation to those currently leading the way not only helps us to better lead now, but also to help them begin their journey into leadership.”

Members of the YAC will work with peers to identify issues, and with the superintendent to help open dialogue and craft solutions together. They will meet with the superintendent periodically, discussing issues related to the city's youth, interactions between youth and police and projects and solutions to address identified issues.

“The YAC members will be meeting with their peers to find issues that are important to them,” Harrison said. “They will engage in dialogue with other members of the NOPD and with me about things like how we interface and interact with each other. Through this collaboration, we can find and work together on solutions to any problems that may exist.”

YAC members will also have the opportunity to meet outside of their regular meetings with the Superintendent to work on projects, discuss with peers, and learn more about how the NOPD works. At the close of the school year, the YAC members will present their work publicly at an open celebration event.

Harrison said he is looking forward to working with the YAC members to build upon current relationships and make them even stronger.

“With this Youth Advisory Council, the NOPD will have yet another avenue for our community to work with us in order to make the City of New Orleans a better and safer place now and into the future,” he said.

The Superintendent's Youth Advisory Council is open to all rising seniors attending public schools in Orleans Parish. Interested youth are encouraged to apply by May 19 via a Google Form application, which can be viewed at